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The first tick of the clock for IWI Watches was driven by an unwavering determination to make English designed, beautifully crafted, handmade watches of exceptional quality in England.

Tim Nadin

Chief Executive

Tim Nadin, Englishman, horological enthusiast, CEO of IWI Watches, has a long history in business and has been involved with motorsport for many years. Having previously founded and worked with several businesses outside of horology, IWI Watches is something of a delight for Tim to run. Tim has a passion for three things in life, motor racing, British engineering and beautifully engineered mechanical watches. Timing is the critical aspect of motorsport where hundredths of a second can make the biggest of differences and this furthered Tim's fascination with horology and enabled him to combine two of his great passions and introduce watches with designs inspired from the racing circuit.

Founded in 2006 as a definitively British company, Tim originally worked with one of the latest in a long line of brilliant English watchmakers, founder watchmaker Ian Walsh, to establish IWI Watches as a conclusively and quintessentially English watchmaking company in the spirit of the horological pioneers from the time of Charles II. The company was named "IWI" in honour of Ian Walsh's talent and echoing the great and historic names of the past where watchmakers initials or names were used. The link to motorsport was established with the IWI Watches logo, designed to reflect the rally plate from the famous rallies such as the Monte Carlo Rally, something Tim has been a long time fan of.

IWI Watches are individually hand made in England using the latest precision technology at every step to design and create these modern classics, combined with the finest materials and components.

Every IWI Watch passes through a master watchmaker's hands. Who finish each assembly personally, test and calibrate each and every watch and the final step is in passing the watch to our CEO for signing the certificate that accompanies each watch.

Every watch has an individually numbered case which is machined from the very high grade steel, gold, rose gold or other precious metals for our bespoke orders, this is then hand finished. Our Stainless Steel cases are made from 316L Stainless Steel, the structure of 316L stainless steel gives excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures. Our movements are the finest quality Swiss Automatic movements which are used in all the Gents and Chronograph watches. Swiss quartz movements are fitted in the Ladies watches. The sapphire crystals used in every IWI watch provide excellent scratch resistance.

With the incorporation of craftsmanship and the latest in technology, the renaissance of English watchmaking is safe on the wrist of IWI Watches now globally promoting all that is thoroughly British in pure quality and the highest standards of design. Unique, exciting, dynamic, creative craftsmanship fusing heritage with modernity, IWI is more than time itself.

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IWI Watches are individually hand made in England using the latest precision technology at every step to design and create these modern classics more >>

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Each IWI watch is individually hand built, finished, inspected and tested by our master watchmaker more >>